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Neck Pain & Headaches

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain and Headaches in Fair Oaks, California

Neck Pain

Relieving Your Neck Pain

Nobody enjoys living with neck pain. It can make even the simplest turn of your head painful and difficult, limiting your mobility and productivity. Neck pain can be caused by a variety of issues from poor posture and joint issues to repetitive stress and muscle strains. Many people simply wait for their pain to go away without treating the issues causing it. Even if your neck pain leaves for a time, without treating the cause of your pain, it may return again and again.
At Corner Chiropractic Center, we work with you to find and address the source of your neck pain, so you can get back to work and life uninhibited. To treat your neck pain, we use chiropractic decompression therapy. This therapy slowly and gently pulls the spine, removing pressure from nerves and naturally relieving your pain.

Treating Headaches

Like neck pain, headaches make it difficult to accomplish daily tasks. When they are severe, they can be debilitating. One of the most common causes of headaches is problems and imbalances in the neck and back. With our chiropractic decompression therapy, we can help restore the proper function of your neck and back removing the source of your headaches.

Holistic Treatment

In treating your neck pain and headaches, we rely on decompression therapy to not only remove tension and pressure in your spine but also to restore balance in your body. As we release pressure and improve the balance between your muscles, bones and joints your body will begin healing. Get the pain relief you need to feel at ease.

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