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Auto Accidents & Sports Injuries

Care After Auto Accidents and Sports Injuries in Fair Oaks, California

Auto Accidents and Sports Injuries

Helping You Recover From Trauma

Have you noticed pain in your back after an auto accident? Is your pain after a sports injury sticking around? Whether you were rear-ended while driving home from work or you were injured playing basketball, the doctors at Corner Chiropractic Center can help your body recover so you can get back to your active lifestyle.

Auto Accident Treatment

During a collision, from a severe car accident to a simple fender bender, your body experiences trauma as it is jerked forward with the impact. An accident can cause muscles, ligaments, and joints along your spine to become irritated and misaligned, causing pain that can plague you for weeks or even months after an injury. 
Our doctors have the experience and skill you can trust to alleviate your pain and facilitate your quick recovery. With our noninvasive treatment methods, we will manipulate and realign your spine to relieve muscle and nerve compression and restore mobility to joints. We treat the underlying cause of your pain so you won’t have to rely on medications to simply cover it up.

Treating Sports Injuries

Whether you play football, basketball, volleyball or another sport, you may experience an injury at any time. You may experience whiplash, a severely pulled muscle or frozen shoulders. After a fall, you may feel recurring back pain. 
At our clinic we will work with your specific injury. We work to align your joints, soft tissue and spine to relieve tension. Our treatments will help your muscles and skeletal system work in harmony to promote your recovery so you can get back to the game. With further treatments, our chiropractors can help prevent future injuries, so you don’t have to lose valuable playing time.

Your Body’s Power to Heal

At Corner Chiropractic Center, each of our treatments is designed to stimulate and promote organic healing in your body. Your body has an exceptional power to heal itself. Spinal realignment and other chiropractic treatments aid in that natural healing process, so you can recover from trauma quickly without having to worry about an invasive surgery.

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If you have been injured in an auto accident or playing a sport, call us today to schedule an appointment. We will work with you to help you recover speedily.